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Are you prepared for the driving test?

Ready To Pass

The Ready To Pass campaign is designed to make sure that leaner drivers are as prepared as they can be to pass the driving test at the first attempt. Of course, there are no guarantees but, with effective preparation you place yourself in a good position to not only combat test nerves but demonstrate your skills as a competent and safe driver. Just what the examiner wants to see. The benefit is less lessons for you which means you save money and, the waiting time for tests reduces if more people are passing their test at the first attempt. Win Win.

Check you're ready to take the test

You’ll usually be ready when:

1. You do not need prompts from your driving instructor.

2. You do not make silly mistakes when you’re driving.

3. You pass mock driving tests.

4. You can control your nerves.

5. Your driving instructor agrees you’re ready.

1 in 10 people who fail their driving test say the main reason they failed is because they were too nervous.

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