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Craig and Nicky will be leading the charge in electric driving lessons in Hereford and surrounding areas. CONTACT us NOW to book your first lesson for when the cars arrive and be amongst the first to drive electric.  

The future is green - WyeDrive operates two new, electric training cars. The Vauxhall Mokka e and the Vauxhall Corsa e.

The sales of pure electric vehicles have been growing at a steady pace since 2011 BUT since 2018 sales of pure electric have been almost doubling year on year. There is a shift towards pure electric. (See the image on the left.)

Driving electric does mean driving automatic and we accept that for some people and some jobs that a manual licence is necessary however, changes to the law on the sale of new vehicles in 2030 mean that the only manual cars and vans available will be second hand. As for the tax and fuel cost implications we can only guess, but we suspect that these will increase dramatically to encourage a shift from fossil fuel vehicles to pure electric.

Many of today’s 11 year olds are likely to be driving electric automatics by the time they graduate university and begin their first jobs.

We have already noticed a change in the enquiries that we are getting with many more people asking for automatic driving lessons. We want to be the driving school that leads in this change.

People often think that learning in an automatic prevents them from driving a manual vehicle. This is true initially. However, the process to add manual entitlement to a driving licence is as simple as taking a manual test. With the road experience you gain driving automatic it would just be a case of gaining some experience in a manual car and then doing the test. WyeDrive instructors are ready to help you do that.

We have all become so used to modern technology now that even when looking through a traditional photo album we pinch the picture expecting to enlarge it (or is that just me?). We want things to just happen. A modern electric vehicle with the latest technology, fits in with our modern lifestyles and it is a greener solution for the greener future we want. Why do we buy the latest phones, latest TV’s and even fridges that scan your items and create shopping lists for you? Its because we want our lives to be as simple as possible. We recognise that driving is an essential skill so why should it be any different to the other aspects of our lives where we look to simplify things.

Why should you choose automatic?

Gears can often be the stumbling block for people wanting to learn to drive.

In an automatic car there is no clutch for you to operate and once you have selected the direction you want to go (forward or reverse), you can focus your attention on your surroundings without worrying if you are in the correct gear. No more stalling! How good does that sound?

If you are someone who is anxious about driving or looking to gain a licence a little quicker, then learning in an automatic car could be for you. Over the years we have taught many people who have struggled with the gears but have refused to learn in an automatic as they consider it to be cheating! This makes us smile as it is no such thing. They have often taken longer to reach the required standard. If they had switched to automatic it is highly likely that they would be on the road much sooner, saving ££££’s and most likely feel more confident and safer once they have passed.

Removing the need for gears can help take away some of the anxiety associated with learning to drive.

Thinking of going electric? We will be offering EV familiarisation to help you before you make the change. If you are like Craig and Nicky then once you have driven electric, you won’t want to go back to an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE).

Our electric tutors

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Learn about the Mokka e on YouTube

Learn about the Corsa e on YouTube

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Be amongst the first to learn to drive with WyeDrive Electric. We are very excited to be leading the charge in Herefordshire for a greener learning opportunity in the latest electric vehicles.

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