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Why do I need to train as a driving instructor?

Whilst anyone can provide driving instruction if they are over 21 and have held a full licence for 3 years of more, only a qualified instructor is permitted in law to charge for the service.

Choosing driving tuition as a career path is a very rewarding way to earn a living. There are many positives and of course there are downsides too but, the good by far outweighs the bad.

The freedom of running your own business, choosing your own working hours. Its all down to you. Plus, you get to provide a valuable life skill to many people.

Is it difficult?

Make no mistake, the process can be challenging, however you will learn so much and, best of all, you can train along side of your current commitments.

How does it work?

The process to qualify is split into Part One, Part Two and Part Three.

Part One is the Theory

Part Two is an assessment of your driving ability and

Part Three is you test of instructional ability

We can help you with it all.

How much will this cost?

That’s the beauty of training with WyeDrive. It wont break the bank, and you can pay as you go. Many driving schools look for you to pay up front. We don’t.

Part One - The biggest outlay for this part will be the cost of books to get you started on your journey to passing the theory test. We will provide you with a reading list and a work book that guides you through 6 sections to help your learning for Part One. The cost of these and the first test is around £300. This figure will vary depening on how you choose to purchase your books.

Part Two - if you have an advanced driving qualification then this can be quite inexpensive however, if you’ve not taken additional training since passing your test then we would suggest as a minimum, 10 two hour sessions, one of these would be classroom based with the remaining 8 hours in car. £35 per two hour session (£350).

Part Three - This part of the test requires that you do is the part that has to have a minimum of 40 hours of tuition, and rightly so. There is a great deal to learn and no one should expect to be ready in less than this. Often, it can take more hours. Assuming the minimum 40 hours at £40 per hour then this would be £1600. We recommend these sessions are done as 2 hour lessons.

Costs of the Tests

Theory Test - £81

Part Two - £111

Part Three - £111

These fees are payable to the DVSA on booking and are not included in the prices above.

Please note, you can have as many attempts at part one as you like. However, you are only permitted three attempts each at part two and part three. This means that if you fail part two three times then you will not be permitted to continue to part three until two years has elapsed from the date you passed part one.

Some useful links to get you started

Are you eligible to be an ADI

Apply for a DBS Check

Begin your application to becoming an ADI

Get a trainee licence - (only available once you have passed part two and have complegted 40 hours of part three training)

Useful Links

Contact Craig for an informal chat about training to become a driving instructor

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