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Your Local Driving Test Centre

Hereford Driving Test Centre

Faraday Road


38 to 40 Minutes, 1 manoeuvre and maybe an emergency stop

The Practical Driving Test

This is your opportunity to demonstrate to an examiner that you have learnt sufficient to be able to drive safely on the roads with everyone else.

Contrary to urban myths, there is not a quota of passes and fails. If you drive well enough then you will pass. Try to relax and enjoy the test. Easier said than done however, the test itself is not scary. We tend to find that the idea of not passing is what makes test candidates nervous. If you have listened to your instructor and drive how they have shown you, then there is absolutely no reason why you should not pass.

We will not suggest that you apply for your test until we are certain that you are ready.

Follow directions or a series of road signs or directions given by a Satellite Navigation

Independent Driving

This part of the driving test is designed to assess your ability to follow some simple directions or road signs. From December 4th 2017, you could be asked to follow directions given by a satellite navigation device.

When you pass you will most likely do this so the examiner will want you to demonstrate your ability during the test.

DON’T WORRY though, this is not a test of your memory. If you forget what the examiner has asked you to do then simply ask them to repeat it. Even if you follow the wrong direction, so long as you have done this safely, there should be no fault recorded against your driving

Take you licence

Be on Time

Keep your certificate

Remain calm and try to enjoy the experience.

Your driving instructor will prepare you for all of the elements you will need to be competent in in order to take and pass the Practical Test. Below is a list of some of the things that you will cover during your lessons.

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Driving Tests post Covid 19

There is no longer a requirement for you to wear a mask to your driving test. You might find that your examiner does but you do not need to.