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Part Three and Standards Check Rescue

Have you failed your part three or failed your standards check?

Nothing can be more stressful in our job as these two important assessments.

Part three clearly needs to be passed if you are to achieve your goal of being an ADI and, the standards check needs to be passed if you are to continue being an ADI.

Well, don’t worry because we are you to help you.

No one can guarantee that you will pass, that is down to you on the day however, what we can offer you is the opportunity to help you identify your weak points and work with you to improve those aspects of your teaching/coaching that could be the difference between that all important pass or fail, or even a grade A and B.

Your success is our success. I often hear ADIs and PDIs saying that they would be happy just to score 31. Whilst we understand that is the minimum required why should you be content with the minimum grade? Aim higher!

They say that it takes 10000 hours of doing something to become an expert but, with a little guidance you could be taking great strides to achieving that higher score and possible higher grade.

So, don’t sit at home worrying about that brown envelope dropping on the door mat or searching the situations vacant columns for a new job. Give us a call and invest in yourself.

Telephone: 01432 851855

Mobile:        07949 026126