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By Richardguk - Derived from Ordnance Survey OS OpenData.Postcode district boundaries within Great Britain derived from Voronoi polygons of OS Code-Point Open unit postcode median coordinates (with coastline clipping and minor adjustments to avoid spurious detached polygons).Great Britain coastline, inland water and urban extent data derived from OS Strategi., CC BY-SA 3.0,

We have most of Herefordshire covered and a little bit of Shropshire Please note, not all parts of each postcode may be available.


Craig, Hannah, Bill


Craig, Hannah, Nicky, Steph, Bill


Steph, Nicky

HR4 - North

Colin, Steph

HR4 - Central and South

Craig, Hannah, Bill


Steph, Nicky

HR6 -  North

Colin, Steph

HR6 - Central and South

Hannah, Nicky

HR7 - North

Steph, Colin

HR7 - South

Hannah, Nicky


Steph, Hannah, Nicky


Craig, Nicky

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Do you live in Shropshire?

We also offer driving lessons in Bishops Castle and surrounding areas. If you would like lessons in this are then please contact our instructor Ben Drake.

Covering - Lydbury North, Clun, Clunton, Aston on Clun, White Grit, Priest Western, Lydham, Churchstoke, Bishops Castle Bicton, Brockton - and the villages and hamlets in between