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What we are doing to keep you safe

COVID - 19 (Coronavirus)

Your instructor will do what they can to keep you safe during this pandemic. The safety of our students and their families is important to us. By working together we will be able to mitigate the risk posed by the virus and ensure safe and enjoyable lessons.

Of course it is important to recognise that all of the cleaning and following of guidelines cannot completely remove risk. For example, it will impossible to maintain a social distance of at least 1 metre in a car environment.

We have updated our terms and conditions to reflect the changes in our working and learning environment. A copy can be found here or on the right hand side of this page there is a link for you to download and sign and return to your instructor.

COVID - 19 Terms and Conditions

Before your lesson

Your instructor will text or call you on the day of your lesson to ensure you are still well enough to drive. Please answer the phone call or respond to the text as quickly as possible and at least 90 minutes before your lesson is due to start. If the instructor does not hear from you then the lesson may be cancelled. Your instructor will want to know the following:

It is important that you answer these questions honestly as you do not want to put the instructor or any of their other pupils at risk. This will also avoid the lesson being cancelled halfway through if the instructor decides you are not well enough, which may have financial implications to you.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The COVID-19 virus can be spread through contact points and air-borne droplets and so personal protective equipment may be advised.

During the lesson

After the lesson

Taking your Practical Driving Test

Your instructor will explain to you the processes that will be in place post lockdown, but it is likely that there will be some changes as to how the driving test will be conducted. It is very likely that your instructor may not be allowed to accompany you on the test and may also not be allowed near the vehicle at the time of the debrief at the end of the test. A strict hand washing regime is likely to be in place at all test centres. The contents of the test in terms of manoeuvres etc has not changed. Further updates will be provided to you as and when the instructor has them.

Use the above link to download and print off your terms and conditions. These must be signed and returned to your instructor prior to your first lesson

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Click the image on the left to see our COVID-19 Infection Control and Safe Training Protocols certificate