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Penn House (Ground flr rear)

9/10 Broad Street




For the theory questions, you will touch the screen to give your answer, you will use the mouse for the hazard perception

50 questions, 43 to pass

The Theory Questions

We really don’t like referring to the Theory questions as a test. Think of it as more of an assessment of your ability in your knowledge of driving theory and your ability to identify hazards on the road ahead.

The Theory Test must be taken and passed before you can book the practical test.

There are two elements to the theory test, Theory Questions and Hazard Perception. you must achieve a pass mark of 43 / 50 in the Theory Test and a minimum of 44 / 75 in the Hazard Perception test

14 clips, score 44 out of 75 to pass

Hazard Perception

The hazard perception assessment forms part of the theory test.

You will be shown 14 video clips. In each clip there will be a developing hazard. This is a situation that, as it unfolds, may cause you to want to stop, slow down or alter your direction. When you see such a situation, you simply click the mouse button. Your click will be registered. Your score for that hazard will be determined by how soon you spotted it. The maximum score for each hazard is five (5). Don’t worry about clicking on the actual hazard. Anywhere on the screen will suffice.

Don’t try to cheat though by clicking to frequently as this will result in a zero score for the clip.

Take you licence

Paper and photo

Be on time

Keep your certificate

Touch the screen to answer

Click here to book your theory test

Lost your theory certificate? Don’t worry. You can use this service to find it.

Find Your Pass Certificate Number

Practice your theory for free if you are a WyeDrive student. Click the Theory Test Pro logo above and register now.

Why not test your hazard perception now. Try this free test from Go Compare.

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