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We are incredibly proud to be working in association  with

Talbot Talk Therapy

We recognise that learning to drive for some people can be an anxiety fuelling experience. The very idea of a driving test is enough to make some people want to give up.

We feel that driving is for everyone, and our anxieties and fears should not be a barrier to driving, especially when, with the right support you can find the strength and self belief to carry on with your lessons.

Below you can see what Janet (our counsellor) can offer you.

My name is Janet Talbot. I was a driving instructor for 18 years’ working with WyeDrive.


For the past 5 years I have been studying towards a degree in counselling and now, having qualified, I am now embarking on the next stage of my career as a full-time counsellor. I have been wondering how I could help my pupils in a new way.

Having spoken with Craig Preedy, and my pupils, I am in the unique position of being able to address those pesky driving nerves! Not just for those learning and wanting to pass the driving test but for those who have passed the driving test and continue to be anxious about driving on their own.

As a counsellor. I understand anxiety, fear, nervousness and the enormity of change that learning to drive can bring.

As a former driving instructor, I understand the feelings that may elevate your anxiety in driving and scupper your chances of passing the test or prevent you from getting the benefit you deserve from your full driving licence.


I can support you in eliminating the anxieties associated with driving and by working together, help you to gain the confidence in driving you desire.

I offer single or multiple sessions of counselling to address that anxiety, fear and change.


Think of this as an extension to your driving lessons and as part of the process of learning to drive.

That’s why I am offering this service to WyeDrive students for the price of driving lessons.

Each session would take place via Zoom, telephone or face to face, and last 60 minutes, the choice is yours.

I have always loved driving and thoroughly enjoyed helping my pupils pass their driving tests, now I want to take that passion and help you in an emotion focused way. You can contact me in the following ways for an informal discussion.

You can send me an Email. Just click here.

Telephone:  01432 344193

Tel/Text:       07395 030 968