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What is Occupational Road Risk?

As an employer or employee you will already be aware of Occupational Health Risk Assessments. If you man- age a fleet of company cars or are a company car driver yourself, have you considered the risks associated with driving for work or even just to and from work?

You do not need a fleet of company vehicles to adopt a Road Risk Management Strategy within your company. Anyone who drives in your organisation, whether it one person or a 1000 would benefit from Road Risk Management.

What is Occupational Road Risk Assessment (ORR)?

Occupational road risk is the term used to describe the dangers associated with driving as part of your job. This does not only involve commercial vehicles but anyone who drives a car on company business.

Road Risk Assessment applies the standard risk assessment approach to the many hazards associated with driving for work, including:

The Benefits

As well as complying with your legal responsibilities, there are many advantages to implementing a fleet driver assessment and training policy.

Many insurance companies now insist that any business that runs a fleet of vehicles should undertake some form of training for anyone who drives on company business. As an incentive for doing so, these companies may offer you a reduced premium on your motor policy. It also helps you identify where health and safety improvements can be made.

It is quite common for your drivers to pass on the benefits of their own training to family members. This in itself can lead to a reduction of accidents in the families of  your employees and consequently less time out of work as a result of caring for loved ones

If an employee driving in a private car on business was involved in a fatal accident today, could your company prove that it had done everything it could to meet its duty of care

David Faithful

Consultant to Lyons Davidson Solicitors

To find out more about making your drivers safe at work, visit our colleagues at WyeFleet.